Please find below the features that will be added in the upcoming releases of eLAT - 

Version 3.0

  • Multi-lingual Support for content development
  • Import Export of Excel Files for ease of translation
  • Theme Editor with option to add a theme preset
  • UI/UX and Design Changes
  • Folder structure for Asset Management based on Courses, Languages within the course
  • Course language management options
  • Asset Upload: Drag and Drop Feature
  • The user should be able to add hyperlinks and span tags with classes during text edition using Medium Editor
  • Language Picker extension is auto -added when a new language is added to the course
  • Re-Sync button added to the UI in order to sync all the languages with the default english version of the course
  • Sync the release with Adapt OS AT 0.4.1 Release

Version 3.1

  • Drag and Drop Multiple Assets at the same time into the asset management section
  • Moving components in the editor - up and down buttons
  • Scroll Position Issue Fix in Course Editor
  • Detailed Documentation and Video help Library

Version 3.2

  • Complete Framework and All components to the Audio compatible
  • Add new components and themes (List to be updated soon)
  • Detailed Documentation and Video help Library

Version 4.0 Todo:

  • Import Open Source Adapt Framework Course Zip File into eLAT
  • Live Editor Feature to be provided to all users (WYSIWYG)
  • Backup Tenant and Courses
  • Course Version Control
  • Reports
  • Task Management
  • New Dashboard
  • Notifications and Emails
  • Multiple Audio Files import and Replace
  • Live-Preview to Sync with Theme Editor
  • eLAT interface to have multi-lingual Support
  • Course Editor to have access to user management feature to add reviewers
  • Allow Plugin Deletion
  • Allow Permanent Asset Deletion
  • Enable Course Subscriptions